Andrew Maier grew up in an artistic family. Immersed in creativity and design, Andy was a child aesthete. Friends and neighbors began to hire him to decorate their homes when he was twelve years old.

After graduating from college in Maryland, Andy indulged his love for horses, working as an exercise rider for some of the most notable steeplechase trainers in America. Eventually his passion for design drew him back north, and into the world of film production and fashion photography in New York City, where he worked as a prop stylist for hundreds of TV commercials, music videos, and photo shoots. It was in that fast-paced world that he set himself apart as an outstanding set designer and became highly sought after for decor-driven assignments. The evolution into residential interior design was natural and inevitable.

Andrew Maier, Inc. specializes in creating extraordinary rooms for real-life families. Andy firmly believes that form follows function and advises his clients to live in their living rooms and dine in their dining rooms.

In addition to practicality, great style abounds in Andy's work and he is known as a decorator who sweats the details. He loves to mix old and new, expensive and not. The result is a home that looks as if it has been evolving over time.

Andy's years spent designing sets for directors and photographers taught him to see space through others' eyes, to give life to their dreams, and to give them what they want, yet surprise them with unexpected versions of their own ideas. His goal as an interior designer is to honor the individuality of each family, and of each home. The client becomes his muse, and the rooms he creates are intrinsically custom. Indeed, Andy avoids imposing unfamiliar themes onto clients and instead gives them the best version of “themselves.”